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The Brief

In line with the Green October Event Cerebral palsy awareness championed by La Mode

When she was born, the world welcomed her as she cried from uncertainty and nervousness. Air-filled her nostrils and caressed her tender skin which was doused with slime. Then she grew and the curtains behind her innocence and naivety started to fade away, life began to take from her and it was a feeling she didn’t understand, shielded from life didn’t give her the time to adjust. Then it dawned on her that life was cruel and indeed unforgiving. She screamed with despair not sure how to handle life, she wailed thinking life owed her too much. Yet again she learned another lesson, she was indeed on her own and had to go through her journey herself, she fell and crumbled on her knees, she will all but nothing but broken pieces.

As she did so continuously, complaining of how unfair life was, so did life show her how bitter it could be. Then anger surfaced fueling her self-will, her need to fight, her need to take! She wobbled on shaky knees although not still sure how life would swing, still, she stood hanging on for her dear pride, trembling on battered legs. She took a step and another and another till her legs began to grow confident, she walking on her own didn’t imply falling would never happen. She did but there was a difference this time, she did not cry for too long, she did not stay glued to the floor cracked by despair. This time was indeed different; she dusted herself and walked again. She was quick to learn that it was important she knew what mattered to her, it was paramount she lived her life the best she knew how to, there was no manual to help her along so she stood tall on her feet, stepping on stones and broken pieces, not bending till her needs were met. She left trails of bloody footsteps the world recognized her for, there were beautiful

‘For one to live a great mark, one needs to bear burdens’ she would reiterate those words when trouble came, she drew strength from it. As years passed and her intellect grew, so did life began to notice her, smile at her; be more willing to compromise for her sake because she had earned her keep. Life donned on her invisible silver hairs of wisdom, placed a shiny crown on her head for being eloquent, and swirled a veil that bared the mark of a journey worth leaving behind…


This piece represents strength and prowess


Fashion and Celebrity stylist, Bidemi Kevin Koya teams up with Iyinkaye Al-Ameen of Photons Photography to create this gorgeous piece of art.

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